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I so agree 0_o


                    Hey, Hey, Hey! =) I’m officially done with high school! Finally! After countless hours, of slumping over math books and going out of my mind because I don’t understand what in God’s name the teacher was talking about, I’ve finally graduated.
It’s bittersweet I must admit, after all it was a time of high’s and low’s. I’m going to miss my classmates, they’ve put me through hell and sent me to heaven so many times. I’m going to miss complaining about having to write every single topic we had, the cramming, the sleepless nights, the victories, the failures. Ok, let’s just say I’ll miss EVERYTHING. But hey, life begins NOW.
Honestly, I’m staring at this blank canvas. High School is a painting I’ve already finished and now I’m starting a new one. I’ve got the paint brush, I just don’t know what to paint yet. I guess I’ll have to feel wing it for now. So as of right now…I’m going to CHILL like there’s NO TOMORROW.

            My Agenda for the summer:

  • EAT. and SLEEP. (The two components I haven’t been getting enough of since Junior year)
  • College Scouting (College-bound, baby!)
  • BALLET (I muuust try to squeeze this in)
  • Go out with friends
  • Make NEW friends
  • Basically, I’m going to go get a life!

I’m going to post the grad pics and videos in a while =)’ Ta for now!

Hey, You! Yeah, you! Hi =)

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Hey =) I’m Issa

You're obviously facing the screen.... so I'm the one on your left =)


Age: 16

Uhm, ok I’ve already wrtten my about me profile so go check that for details.

Here are the basics


Sarcastic.Witty.Weird.DEEP? (So they say).Friendly.I keep things light and simple =) unless you want me to get complicated, I do that well too ahahhahahahaa.

I blog about anything! ahahaha! So my blog will be pretty random my range can go from Fashion all the way to Starwars =) So it’ll be really fun. (I think?, I hope , I guess?) Enjoy my blog =)