March 30,EARTH HOUR.

After ballet my friends and I were talking about the many ways of saying banana when a thought struck one of  them. She asked if I was going to Earth Hour at the park, after debates about which place we were going to spend Earth hour at (There were tons of venues), we decided to go to the one at the park.

I had no ride to the park so Trizia offered me a ride (I said yes so loudly people were starting to doubt my sanity) Well I had a REASON to be excited (No, it wasn’t because of Earth hour hahaha! Evil) because her mom picked her up in the Audi. (Ok, who would bring an Audi to a GYM to pick up their daughter?)

The thing about the Audi is, it’s freakishly TIGHT at the back and you can only enter from the passenger’s seat to get to the back. Trizia and I kept pushing on the seat like idiots to get it to move forward so I could enter. After that predicament I now have a sad conclusion. Although, we may be considered strong dancers in ballet when it comes to the simple matter of moving a car sseat forward, WE SUCK. We ended up folding the seat and I had to squeeze myself in. Brilliant.

First stop was a restaurant where we had to eat. HAD to since her dad just ordered this coconut thing all of a sudden. Then it was off to the park! After eating the coconut thing and a plate of disgusting cheese sticks.

Once we got to the park, we looked for Ingrid and after ten minutes of arguing, we found her.

We had to leave for a while though because TRIZIA wore heels and was tripping like mad. We had to go out and buy a pair of slippers just so she doesn’t fall and split her skull in the process .Trizia and I went to three stores but they didn’t have slippers (WHY???)  But eventually God showed mercy and led us to a store that had tons of slippers. After buying her blasted foot wear her mom drove us back to the park.

3 popsicles, 3 near death situations and a heart attack (Ingrid thought she saw my jerk of an ex ) later we all ran to lighting ceremony. Inside the rollerblading  rink. Just when the lanterns were all set, IT RAINED. Yes, the only time I’ve gone to Earth Hour and it rains on me. So we used out bodies as a shield our lanterns (The rain washed out our LOGIC but we eventually covered it with plastic) and ran for cover. But you see, there were tons of people and they were all crowded under the big tent so we decided to jump the fence (using our awesome ballet skills) and run for the stall ingrid’s mom was running near the stage.

Jump we did, as soon as we were over we made a beeline for her mom’s stall grabbed the keys to her uncle’s  multicab and hopped in. We were soaking and so were out lanterns we had to hang them dry inside. We were now stuck in a stuffy car, soaked to the bone and worst of all STARVING. We were basically half dead (We looked the part too).


We looked NOTHING LIKE THIS.......

The rain stopped though. As soon as it did, we burst outta the car with our lanterns and matches, ready for our second attempt.

The second attempt went better than the first. We wouldn’t stop singing the lines “SO I SET FIRE…TO THE RAIN..” and “TONIGHT..WE ARE let’s set the world on FIRE.” excuse our stupidity….  After almost setting Ingrid’s face on fire, I finally lit my lantern up and was waiting for the rest. Ingrid’s was torn so it wouldn’t fly, that left mine and Trizia’s. I threw mine up only to have it fall on me and ALMOST burn my hair. Trizia’s wouldn’t fly with either. And then guess what, it RAINED. AGAIN. Off to the car and this time, no more lanterns to shield.

Disaster, yes? But it was fun anyway. Although, I felt bad because my bestfriend dropped by my place to say goodbye (she was leaving for Korea and will stay there for good) I told her I’d be home at 5 but I was at the park. My phone was dead so I couldn’t text her either so EARTH BETTER BE grateful, I got soaked in the rain and missed my bestfriend’s LAST visit to my place to save it.-___-


I’ll MISS YOU Lily Youn T__T I’ll love you forever. You and I survived high school together,  we madre it through the boys, break-ups, betrayals, laughter, fights..EVERYTHING We’ll see each other again…<3

Lily <3

Prom night with Lily, the night where we willingly put ourselves through torture (Pedicures, Manicures walking in HEELS the works) 

Ta for now, Frosty Ballerina, OUT

(I am going to go sulk in a corner now)


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