Me, Myself and my Blog =)

Issa. 16. College-bound.

Sarcastic.Fun.Nice.Creative.Weird.DANCER.Tough (universal description of me)

I have tons of things running through my head and sometimes writing about it helps me figure things out. It’s not as deep as a diary of course it’s just a way to ramble on about things or when I get sentimental,  that sort of thing. I have a thing for edgy vintage-y stuff. I like art and fashion (GASP) I’m gearing up to be a graphic designer.

I actually decided to get a blog because I refuse to clean my room (And so I don’t have to write the next few chapters of my novel, yes I’m lazy like that.) Ok, OK, Enough with my self centered-NESS. This blog is about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

Tumblr :


Meebo ID: FrostyBallerina

Tough yet I dance ballet, ah irony....

We Are Young


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