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It’s been too long.

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Wow, I must suck at this whole blogging thing for my friend to call me up and yell about my ‘far from updated’ blog on here. I have to be honest–I’ve been on tumblr more. ¬†Not religiously though but more on the ‘once every three months’ sort schedule. What can I say, blogging isn’t fun when the computer is effed. However, I plan to return to the blogging scene once again. HUZZAH.


heres my tumblr: 


Happy Despite A Storm

I was going through a lot. I sat with my friend at the rocks and watched the waves ( I was having an EMO moment. There was this huge black cloud over my head XD). He was told to stay with me until I got back to my room, instead of going back to my room I decided to head for the beach so told him to go ahead but he insisted to stay with me. So we went down to the beach. We talked, we laughed, I cried and ranted while he listened, he gave me rock to throw and told me to yell it out, I did. (WITH VIGOR) I taught him how to flirt while I watched him practice on a tree and rolled my eyes when he practiced on me. We made fun of all the couples who were freakishly touchy and gave the boy who put me through hell a not so flattering nickname. He stayed with me until early morning just to make sure I was ok.
He freakin’ saved my Singapore vacation.

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I so agree 0_o

Hey, You! Yeah, you! Hi =)

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Hey =) I’m Issa

You're obviously facing the screen.... so I'm the one on your left =)


Age: 16

Uhm, ok I’ve already wrtten my about me profile so go check that for details.

Here are the basics


Sarcastic.Witty.Weird.DEEP? (So they say).Friendly.I keep things light and simple =) unless you want me to get complicated, I do that well too ahahhahahahaa.

I blog about anything! ahahaha! So my blog will be pretty random my range can go from Fashion all the way to Starwars =) So it’ll be really fun. (I think?, I hope , I guess?) Enjoy my blog =)